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Get your part of a $5 billion plus market...

We're important to nearly a million people who spend $5 Billion a Year... We speak their language... "Se Habla Español" Our Audience is Audited with over 150,800 weekly readers.

The Hispanic community in Riverside and in San Diego County are expanding. There are over one million Spanish speaking people in the area and they spend over $5 billion a year. Yes, that's Billion spelled with a capital "B". These big spenders buy almost every good available and they represent a market that is growing at a time when other markets are shrinking. The U.S. Bureau of Census estimates that the Hispanic market will double by the year 2000.

80% of this market prefer to read Spanish... the good news for our advertisers
" We speak their language."

Other facts: Annual buying power of San Diego County Hispanic households is
growing at 9 percent per year - Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

San Diego County: Buying power
$3.1 billion 1990
$3.7 billion 1994
$5.0 billion est. 2000

Other facts: Buying power, (by 2000) $2.9 billion
Riverside County Hispanic Research

Riverside County: Buying Power
$1.2 billion 1990
$1.8 billion 1994
$2.9 billion est. 2000

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