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FREE Personal Romance Response Letters - Limit 15 words, (regularly $3*) *Limited to one per person per month, expires 12/01/11. Include your email address.

Personal Ads Response

If you would like to respond to "Carta de Amor/Love Letter," respond to the Personal Key Code at the end of the message. "Carta de Amor/Love Letter" are updated the first week of each month for changes, additions or deletions. If you would like to respond to any letter on the previous page, you can respond by letter (US Mail). The cost per Personal Key Code is $3.00 each. Mail $3.00 (check, money order, cashier check or pay with credit card) to Hispanos Unidos and we will forward your response. The person you are writing to has the option to respond to your letter directly (the individual is not required to write back). Hispanos Unidos is limited to publishing the announcement and sending the response letter(s) we receive. Hispanos Unidos does not provide information via the telephone regarding the announcements placed. Only 18 years of age and older are allowed to place announcements and respond to letters placed. Your personal response is confidential. No response letters will be forwarded without advance payment included. Hispanos Unidos, Cartas De Amor, PO BOX 462016, Escondido, CA 92046-2016.


Due to the high number of "Internet Scamming & Hackers," we will no longer offer Internet response to your Personal Ads. You will have to write in your response to our mailing address. We are sorry to have to change our procedures and this convenience due to the high numbers of scam e-mailings we are receiving. On a separate sheet of paper please write your text for your personal ad response:

If you would like to have your text translated, please advise us in writing. And we will translate your personal ad from English to Spanish or Spanish to English.

Please write the Personal Key Code Number of the person you wish to contact on your written response sheet. Hispanos Unidos, Cartas De Amor, PO BOX 462016, Escondido, CA 92046-2016. You can also Fax over your Personal Response to our Fax number: 760-737-3035.


Please fill out all the questions below, for billing purposes.
We will contact the person below:

Please advise us how you would like to pay? By Check; by Money Order; by Cashier Check; or by Credit Card. Make your check, money order or cashier check payable to "Hispanos Unidos".

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Telephone: ______________________________________________ Ext:________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: ______ Zip Code: ______________

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